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  1. I am very glad I met you yesterday. I misspoke about my son telling me to drink a protein shake when I wake up. He said I should exercise for 30-40 to kick start me for the day. Is this correct?

    1. It was a pleasure to meet you also. Thanks for a great question. There is absolutely no doubt that exercise is good for you and I strongly encourage it in everyone. Exercise, however has little to nothing to do with weight loss. In people with diabetes or prediabetes, just like in healthy people, the body just increases the appetite so you eat the calories you burned and since as I have told you, counting or limiting calories is totally counterproductive for people that want to lose weight and get healthy, there are several traps for people who thing that beginning an exercise program is going to help them lose weight.
      Trap-1: People can sometimes give themselves permission to cheat on their diet and slip carbs and sugar in as a reward for being so good and exercising. This will stop weight loss in its tracks and sometimes reverse it.
      Trap-2: People will exercise too much and get so burned out with it that they give up not only exercise but a healthy diet as well.
      Trap-3: People exercise beyond their capacity and injure themselves.
      Here’s what I recommend. Don’t even think about exercise for 4-6 weeks after you begin a ketogenic diet. When you start feeling the urge to move, which will come naturally as your insulin goes down and the energy trapped in your fat cells becomes available, your body will naturally want to be more and more active. Take that momentum and create a great exercise program for yourself. I recommend getting the book, “Body By Science” by Doug McGuff MD. You can read about Doug and his program at

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